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We Are Global Concessions, Inc.

Global Concessions, Inc. (GCI) was formed specifically to operate food and beverage concessions in major transportation hubs in the United States. With the opening of our first store in April 1991, we participated in the introduction of branded concepts at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (HJAIA). As a multi-concept operator, GCI now has a variety of operating concessions brand concepts in and out of HJAIA. Our stores include many well-respected and loved brands: Ben & Jerry's, Great Wraps, Nathans Famous and Arthur Treachers Fish & Chips. Our portfolio also includes our unique Caribbean-inspired brand, Sojourners Cafe, as well as the music-centric Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint.

in 2008, we opened our first Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint location in Concourse D of HJAIA. The concept celebrates a time when life was slower and sweeter, when music and food was at the heart of social gatherings. Inspiration for the restaurant came from a centuries-old word, yuka, derived from a West African word that means to make noise. African Americans brought this notion with them to the Old South and created juke houses, house-taverns established for fun and music. Juke Joint strives to capture some of the merriment of those old juke houses and has been created especially as a place for you to sit back, relax, and have some fun. Today, CGI also owns and operates a location in Downtown Atlanta, catering to customers outside of HJAIA's walls.

Employing over 200 co-workers, GCI emphasizes customer service as a major point of focus. When GCI was initially formed, it adopted “Setting the Standard for Excellence in Customer Service” as its creed. Although meeting this creed continues to be a big challenge, the company was fared well in becoming noted for its high customer service standards. Our business philosophy is to focus on increasing sales, while maintaining customer service and product quality. We want customers to feel relaxed and comfortable when dining with us. We design our menus and locations with that in mind and always serve with a smile. Our employees greet and thank customers and act quickly, as well as efficiently. Simply put, we strive to deliver superior products and services to our customers, making each experience positive and enjoyable.

Through strategic community involvement and charitable giving, Global Concessions, Inc. prioritizes actively getting involved in order to have a positive impact on the community. Annually, we donate tens of thousands of dollars and time to local programs that focus on social, economic, environmental and educational issues. All of the programs we support instill a sense of hope in those they touch while using creative problem solving to instigate change. Having touched nearly 100 organizations over the years, Global Concessions’ has made donations to local schools, children’s athletic clubs, the Atlanta Metropolitan Community, the Leukemia Society of America, March of Dimes and the Dianne Fossey Gorilla Fund. Global Concessions has also offered business expertise to organizations such as the Zoo Atlanta, enabling them to receive and operate a Nathan’s Famous and a Ben & Jerry’s franchise for minimal cost.

The Story Behind Our Juke Joint

Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint is the culmination of a deep history of music, food, drink and socializing in the South. Located in the former Macy’s building, in the heart of downtown Atlanta at the iconic 200 Peachtree address, Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint brings the city a place to relax while enjoying live entertainment and exceptional cuisine. Historically, juke joints originated in the rural outskirts of many southern towns to give African American communities a place to kick back and unwind after a long week of work. Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint offers a dining and musical entertainment experience in downtown Atlanta, representing diverse culture, featuring music across all genres and popular hits throughout American history. An imaginative menu makes Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint a staple in Atlanta’s downtown restaurant scene, and the allure of traditional juke joints is showcased in the restaurant’s design.

The design of Juke Joint is the modern day incarnation of the environment that gave birth to the "raucous and raunchy" music known as "boogie-woogie." The tadpole and lily-pad inspired design pays homage to the often low-lying wetlands where historic juke joints once stood. The décor includes a nostalgic wall of period photos, historic artifacts, and walnut wood accents and cabinetry. Local artist Stacy Brown designed the 18-foot custom mural which hangs in the main dining room. The music-centric restaurant also features a wood dance floor, stage for live music, and state-of-the-art video screen for guests' entertainment. Juke Joint's spacious private dining room offers guests a VIP view of the stage and live musical performances, and is the perfect location for any type of special event.


A special thanks goes out to L.A. Meyers Architects, in association with RJS Designs, Inc., for bringing our Juke Joint to life.

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